Why Choose iFiber?

iFiber is the superior choice…

iFiber is a Carrier Class network

Fiber is the future of communications…. If you don’t have fiber, you’re going to be left behind

iFiber uses Metro-Ethernet Standards

iFiber is the new, forward-thinking network using the latest technology

iFiber has a Future Path duct infrastructure

iFiber is environmentally-friendly and easily expandable

iFiber Provides Personal service

We address your organization’s specific needs

iFiber is a self-managed network

Control your own destiny with iFiber at a cost you can afford

iFiber provides access to the world with its Virtual Mall concept

Value-added learning opportunities

iFiber makes possible…

Inter-Network Communications providing an incredible and valuable deal

iFiber is a state-of-the-art, highly-reliable network

It is a robust and hardened network

iFiber is a future-looking network

Expanding to serve additional communities