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Samantha Zamudio

Samantha “Sam” Zamudio is Project/Incident Coordinator for NIU’s Regional Technology Services Division and has been with the team since October, 2019. Sam assists fellow team members with day-to-day action items and coordinates customer support and notifications.

Sam prides herself in being open and adaptable which allows her to work in a team setting or independently. She is dedicated to the Regional Technology Services Division and to iFiber’s mission. Sam believes in the partnership between NIU and iFiber as being valuable for rural areas they bring coverage to. Sam is encouraged by the way NIU and iFiber are always looking for ways to improve customer support.

Prior to joining NIU, Sam worked more than 10 years as a Dispatcher and Damage Investigator for two underground utility locating companies. She also has two years’ experience as a Logistics Operations Manager, which has enhanced her problem-solving skills. Sam is a student at NIU working to achieve the GIS Certificate. She previously attended Joliet Junior College and achieved a Certificate of Completion for Basic Construction and has two years in for General Studies.