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Joe Trickey

Joe Trickey has enjoyed the varied roles and experiences he’s been afforded in his 22 years at Northern Illinois University; starting out as a student building computer labs, then working at the IT Helpdesk. After being hired full-time, he’s enjoyed the roles of Service Desk Supervisor, Network Engineer, Field Technician Manager, Project Manager for Campus IT projects, and Interim Director-Broadband Services. Joe currently is Sales Engineering and Project Manager. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Computer Science from NIU. He is a certified Project Management Professional and has an ITIL Certification in Intermediate Service Strategy.
In 2013, Joe’s primary focus shifted to supporting iFiber. He came in on the tail end of the initial installation of equipment, and has had thorough immersion into many of the facets required to get a start-up IT business off the ground. From physically installing the core and distribution sites, coming up with pricing strategies, training of staff, designing and engineering systems, managing contracts and customers, iFiber has provided Joe many wonderful and engaging experiences. He looks forward to what he will learn and be able to contribute to ensure the ongoing success of iFiber for years to come.
Joe enjoys learning all the jargon, acronyms and business speak for the various disciplines required to run a broadband network like iFiber. He recently experienced what he calls “a whimsical moment of reflection” while facilitating a Thought Shower to come up with a Womb to Tomb, Swimlane Process Chart to ensure 5 Nines reliability for a Most Favored Nation client’s, Golden Goose product. The group’s synergy was unstoppable. They had addressed every key element, until the last item: the client wanted the solution…cost neutral! Joe welcomes you to share your favorite business jargon, or talk to him about how iFiber can help your community. E-mail him at Sales@ifiber.org.