January 5, 2023

FCC Broadband Map Challenge for Illinois

iFiber encourages you to share this information with your residential or business contacts who may still need access to high-speed Internet in Illinois. K-12 schools, please consider forwarding this State of Illinois invitation or the FCC link to parents of enrolled students. The deadline is Jan. 13, 2023.
The FCC National Broadband Maps contain federal mappings of high-speed internet availability in Illinois—and there is a short window of opportunity to improve the internet availability reported for Illinois in these maps. The more improvements we can collectively make to the maps before Jan. 13, 2023, the more federal funds Illinois can potentially receive to close the digital divide.
Guide to helping expand access to high-speed Internet in Illinois
Do you, your family or business have access to reliable high-speed Internet? If not, please take a moment, and follow these steps to check the information in FCC maps, and if necessary, submit a challenge if that information can be made more accurate:
Search for your address at BroadbandMap.fcc.gov
  1. Click on the setting icon and under Technologies, check the box labeled “All Wired and Licensed Fixed Wireless” to select for reliable broadband technologies.
  2. Is the location information wrong? Click “Location Challenge.”
  3. Are any Internet services listed not available? Click “Availability Challenge.”
  4. Want to submit your information to the state and have a representative submit challenges on your behalf? Fill out a questionnaire.
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