March 1, 2021

iFiber Continues Core Modernization Project

Illinois Fiber Resources Group (iFiber) continually works to provide the best possible platform for Internet service providers and community anchor institutions. The latest project in this effort is the upgrade of the core backbone devices of the network.

iFiber has procured a new platform for the core ring of the network, in cooperation with the iFiber equipment manufacturer Ciena. This new platform increases the bandwidth between core nodes through native 100 Gbps ports with expansion capability to 200 Gbps. In addition, this device provides more 10 Gbps ports available to customers.

iFiber has five core sites, and is nearing completion of the third core device upgrade. The remaining two core sites are anticipated to be completed in May, 2021. Customers, including Internet service providers, will be notified at least two weeks in advance of the remaining core upgrades. Please note that only certain customers in the area will be directly impacted by these core upgrades. Notifications also will be sent to a broader range of customers that, while unlikely, may experience a service interruption. The notifications will provide information on the likelihood of interruption.

iFiber is proud to continue offering an open-access fiber option to serve communities working with our service provider partners. iFiber is dedicated to its commitment to meeting ever-changing communication needs now and into the future.

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