April 18, 2020

Metro Communications Serves Broad iFiber Region

As a valued iFiber Service Provider Partner, Metro Communications offers iFiber customers a wide range of technology solutions. Metro Communications is an established regional telecommunications firm that builds and operates networks serving the wireless, enterprise, education and wholesale markets.

Based in Sullivan, IL, Metro Communications was founded in 2000. The firm manages fiber-optic networks in multiple northern and central Illinois counties and continues to expand into new markets annually.

“Metro Communications is locally owned and operated. Because of our size and scope we are able to assist more customers directly than a lot of our competitors. You have direct access to some of our most talented IT professionals and more,” said Zak Horn, President.

Metro Communications serves the following counties in iFiber’s region: Boone, Carroll, Jo Daviess, LaSalle, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson, Whiteside, Winnebago.

Metro Communications team members.

Metro Communications offers connections up to 100G, as well as a range of 100% fiber-optic broadband services and solutions.

The benefits of fiber-optic service include:

Speed – Fiber-optic internet is many times faster than the highest-speed copper internet connections.

Symmetric Speed – A term used to refer to equal upload and download times on an Internet connection is “symmetric speed.” With fiber Internet customers benefit from equal upload and download times. This is great for multi-tasking as associates upload and download content simultaneously.

Reliability – A fiber-optic Internet connection offers significant reliability advantages over copper Internet connectivity. This is because with fiber optics data is transmitted via light rather than electric signals.

Security – Would-be hackers and information thieves can gain access to business cable Internet with relative ease, due to cable tapping or other relatively simple methodologies. The only way to penetrate fiber-optic Internet is to physically cut the fibers, which will cause the signal to disappear. The fiber-optic Internet is a powerful way to increase your company’s protection against cybercrime

Cost Savings – Fast Internet is widely considered to be a productivity tool for businesses, eliminating speed issues could result in a week’s worth of productivity increases each year. If your business suffers from unreliable connectivity due to region or weather, you could be losing thousands of dollars each year. Perhaps more importantly, your business will gain flexibility and scalability with fiber-optic Internet connectivity.

Cloud Access & HD Video – From data storage to customer relationship management tools, accessing the cloud is becoming a vital business tool for hosting, apps, and more. Fiber internet provides the speed and reliability to support these services including teleconferencing and videoconferencing services as they are being used now more than ever.

Metro Communications Offers:

  • Dedicated High Bandwidth Internet
  • Dedicated LAN/WAN connections
  • Hosted Voice Product
  • SIP Trunking
  • Mobile Backhaul

For more information, call (217) 728-9056; Email: support@metrocomm.com or visit www.metrocomm.com.

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