October 14, 2019

Spotlight on Service Providers: The Aero Group

iFiber works with a variety of trusted Service Provider partners to promote high-speed network transport services to businesses and industries in the private sector.

The Aero Group

The Aero Group has been an important Service Provider Partner with iFiber since the network’s beginnings. Aero offers iFiber customers a variety of services, including: Internet and telephone, fiber optic transport services, server and workstation virtualization.

Located in Freeport, IL, the company was founded as Aero Computing in 1994 by Richard Rutter and his family. Dedicated to the high standards of quality and integrity, Aero began offering computer systems and training to the Lena community. In early 1996, the Rutter family joined forces with the Heinrich family and other forward-thinking investors from the local community to bring Internet Services to the surrounding communities under the Aero Internet Services, Inc. banner.

In 1998 Aero Internet Services, Inc. formed an LLC corporation called Aero Communications, Inc. with 50% of the ownership belonging to Aero Internet Services, Inc.  Aero Communications Inc. LLC, applied for and obtained CLEC status giving them the ability to own and operate a local competitive telephone company in the state of Illinois.

Over the years, and committed to the ideals of service before profit, Aero has grown into the area’s leading computing and Internet company. Aero now operates its main office in Freeport. Aero was selected as the Freeport Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year in 2002, and continues to receive recognition through local newspapers and market studies.

After the Furst-McNess Company purchased the Aero companies in 2003, The Aero Group, Inc. was formed in July of that year with the merger of Aero Internet Services, Inc., Aero Computing, Ltd., and Aero Communications, LLC. As it was back in 2003, and continues to this day, The Furst-McNess Company has been instrumental with its leadership, re-capitalization and commitment to the local communities of Northwest Illinois. The Aero Group is continuing the standard of quality that has been so integral to the success of the Furst-McNess Company since its formation in 1908.

Today, The Aero Group, Inc. is a diverse technology company with expertise in a broad spectrum of technologies. Everything from deploying its own Internet and telephone service, to fiber optic transport services, to server and workstation virtualization, Aero continues its technology leadership within the communities it serves.

For more information, visit www.aeroinc.net e-mail sales@aeroinc.net or call (815) 233-3387.

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