April 10, 2019

DataPoint Co-Location Center partners with the iFiber Network to help your business move at the speed of light!

iFiber has announced an important partnership with DataPoint Co-Location Center in Rockford! Special rates are being offered now [Available in PDF form: data-point-ifiber-sales-flyer-march-2019]

DataPoint Co-Location Center offers Industry Leading Services:

  • – Business Security & Recovery Solutions
  • – Data Protection – Media Vaulting
  • – Co-Location of Customer IT Equipment
  • – ALL Inclusive: DRaaS Appliance & Cloud Backup Services
  • – Secure IT Asset Disposal Service

DataPoint Rockford Co-Location Center Attributes:

  • – Rockford Co-Location Center (vault) is secure – not marked, no signage, no published address.
  • – Perimeter locked fencing; locked building; man-trap entry area w/video; security in all critical areas; monitored 24/7/365; guard services in addition to interior/exterior CCTV systems.
  • – Stand-alone building in a stable light-industrial park area; the only tenant in the building.
  • – The Co-Location Center is within close proximity to major highway infrastructure; close to major northern IL and southern WI metropolitan areas with shipping & distributing, as well as 4 International airports.
  • – DataPoint Co-Location Center certifications: PCI-DSS and SOC1.

Other features:
Redundant HVAC systems * Natural gas generator w/auto transfer * Halon fire suppression

Prices that Make Sense:  $99/Month per rack “U” with power!
For more details, call 877-DATA-PNT or visit www.datapoint-us.com

For speed, capacity and resiliency connect to the iFiber Network!

iFiber is part of 900 miles of fiber optics running underground throughout northern Illinois. iFiber’s ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency network connectivity is capable of delivering business traffic at the speed of light and provides a superior choice at DataPoint-Rockford.

Community Anchor SPECIAL PRICING good through October 2019:

  • – $200/Month Gigabit Connection to add DataPoint to the existing lit connection + $250 Installation fee with a 5-year contract. iFiber will set desired speed on the DataPoint link if customer does not want the link to use the full gigabit.
  • – $800/Month + Connectivity fees for a dedicated 1 Gigabit Connection point-to-point for 5-year contract.

 For more details and pricing quotes, e-mail: sales@ifiber.org or visit www.ifiber.org


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