January 4, 2019

iFiber can help you deal with IlliniCloud discontinuation in 2019

The iFiber Team is ready to help.

iFiber customers may have received notice from the IlliniCloud’s Steve Carrington informing users of the IlliniCloud Consortium Board’s decision to discontinue services to customers after June 30, 2019. If you are impacted by this announcement or are otherwise in need of new SaaS, cloud, or disaster recovery options, please be aware that iFiber maintains relationships with a number of private/public sector ISPs capable of providing these services.  iFiber expects to add even more service providers offering disaster recovery and backup in 2019.

Additionally, upon simple request, iFiber can easily establish gigabit network connectivity to other iFiber-connected CAIs (including to schools, governments, and libraries). Consequently, you may choose to work with other iFiber-connected school districts to create your own local consortiums that provide access to cloud storage and virtual servers.

If you would like more information or quotes, or to establish an ELAN, please reach out to your region’s outreach coordinator or iFiber directly:

Visit the iFiber website for additional resources.  

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